Unlocking Opportunity Through Engineering

Design, Prototypes, Manufacturing & Line Optimization

Custom Engineering and Design Solutions 

Faster, simpler, less risk

Our team is on a mission to help engineers, inventors, and businesses in their product and manufacturing development process with our engineering expertise & capabilities. 

Providing patent-friendly prototypes, part optimizations and large-scale custom machine designs and builds. We take pride in delivering quality products — and help you take them to the plant floor or marketplace in a cost effective and timely manner. 

Our Services

Our team specializes in Custom Engineering, New Products, Mechanical Designs, Prototyping, Machining, and Manufacturing Automation 

Engineering Research & Development
Our capabilities enable us to research, investigate, and create novel solutions to your challenge, assessing concepts for build capability, sourcing, and cost.
Machine & System Design
Our expertise in precision machine design, metrology and automation can keep your business at the cutting edge of technology and profitability.
Automation & Control

A partnership with our engineers ensures quality solutions for system design and programming needs, getting your project to the plant floor with speed and precision.

New Products & Prototyping
By consolidating innovation resources you need under one roof, Bravo Team effectively accelerates your project plan while reducing both risk and expenses.
PCB Design & Firmware Development
Our experts help determine the benefit of creating a dedicated hardware solution, then program and test it against your data acquisition, communication and speed requirements.
Software & App Development

Bravo Team’s experience with software upgrades and modern system integrations can help transform your productivity, from existing infrastructure to custom solutions.

Limited Run Manufacturing & Supply Chain Development
Whether you need a single part, batch production, or full assembly, our knowledge and expertise provides you with a superior solution with speed and efficiency.

Our Partners

100+ Company Partnerships

Developing innovative solutions swiftly can be a tough task for any engineering team – we’ve found the biggest challenge for companies is how quickly they can adapt.  Inventors face a different challenge – how to turn a brilliant idea into a real, tangible product prototype.

Our Mission

We’re committed to providing the highest quality solutions and products with exceptional service

At Bravo Team, our mission is to provide customers peace of mind through their solution development process, from initial design to plant floor implementation by aligning on success. It’s how we’ve helped dozens of teams, inventors, and Fortune 500 companies create a better finished product quickly.

Remarkable Integrity

Tenacious Pursuit of Excellence

Embrace Growth

Own the Experience

We Win Together

Who We Are

We’re a special forces engineering team

Our engineers don’t simply take jobs, we take responsibility. We do our best to help you achieve your goals on time and within budget.

Bravo Team LLC is an engineering design, fabrication, and machining company in Cornelius, NC, that is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products delivered on time, with exceptional service! Our goal is to exceed customer, statutory and regulatory requirements, as well as maintain and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.